About The Courses

At Native Awareness, we offer four types of learning, Skills Classes, Intensives , Individual Tuition and Specialist Courses. Our classes are for those over 18 years of age, but we do allow younger, mature  students of 15 and above, if accompanied by an adult. We prefer to run multiple classes on the same subject throughout the year to keep numbers small, with a maximum of 15 students. This allows us to teach the skills in a personal way, to maximise the learning experience.

Our Skills Classes are designed to build upon the students’ knowledge. For these classes the minimum requirement is to take Native Skills 1. From there you can then move through to Native Skills 2Tracking, Awareness etc.  On the individual course descriptions you can see what the prerequisite is.

The Intensive classes do not require a prerequisite, therefore students who are following the Skills path, as well as people who are new to the Native Awareness School, are able to attend. These classes usually intensively focus on one skill or craft.

The two bespoke sections we have are Individual Tuition and Specialist Classes. These two can be developed to the students or organisations requirements. Please see separate pages for details.

At Native Awareness we pride ourselves in our approach to learning. The classes are designed so that the students are comfortable with the material. We don’t believe in the boot camp style approach to survival with hardships and tests but favour our students develop their skills through fun and adventure.

Native Awareness courses will be run at different locations in the country, depending on the nature of the class. If there are sufficient numbers of participants and a suitable site, Native Awareness is willing to travel.

“This course will appeal to everyone experienced or not with the outdoors.”

Greg, Race horse trainer