Natural Consciousness 1

Natural awareness is one of the many gifts offered to us. Our not too distant ancestors viewed the world with a greater depth of vision and understanding of the connection that exists between everything. This class will develop the eye of the Native and start the journey of understanding your natural instinct and intuition. This will enable you to become aware of the presence of place and the flow and rhythms of nature.

The recent ages of man has seen this consciousness diminish as time has passed. This class is designed to reawaken our sixth sense through developing the five physical and to renew the clarity with which we view our world.

This course will be dynamic and inspiring and consist of both lectures and workshop time enabling the student to be totally immersed in the beauty of Nature.

“….the Natural consciousness s course conducted by the Native Awareness team is like no other I have ever experienced . It was exactly that an Experience beyond the ordinary outdoor pursuits I have become so accustomed to…”