At Native awareness we are fortunate to have many returning students.  We thrive on seeing our students’ progression throughout the classes, as well as hearing through letters, emails etc, about new adventures they are having with their acquired skill and knowledge. Our major enjoyment is the friendships we and students develop together. We encourage people to keep in touch and even practice the skills together. One way we like to do this is by offering a volunteering option. 

To volunteer for a class, you must have previously taken it. Volunteering is an excellent way of revision, but is also great to see behind the scenes of the courses and to see what it takes to teach a class. Volunteering duties are different for each class but are mainly to help out in the kitchen, collecting materials and helping new students with the skills. A lot can be learnt from a skill by assisting in teaching it. There will be plenty of time in the volunteers’ day to sit in on lectures.

There isn’t a charge for volunteers returning for revision but we ask for a financial contribution for food, insurance, camping etc.

I would highly recommend anyone searching for true wilderness living skills to take a course

Nick, Wilderness guide