Medicinal Plants 2

In medicinal plants 2 we will build on the skills and knowledge from medicinal plants 1. We began our journey looking at plant ID, herbal first aid and the basics of herbal remedy making. The next step is to go beyond the basics and ask the question, how do plants work?

On this course we will be going further with plants, more plant ID and harvesting, and more skills to give you the confidence to use medicinal plants at home to treat common ailments for family and friends. We will be relearning how our ancestors found and used medicinal plants through touch, smell, taste, sight, sound and intuition.

As we delve deeper into the plant world we will be going beyond the five senses to look at how plants communicate with us and how that information can be used for healing.

This class will be lead by Instructor Laura Carpenter.

This is a self-catered class, tea and coffe provided.

Camping available, free of charge and for those who prefer a litle more comfort there are a variaty of local B&B’s.

Some of the skills covered

  • Plant ID
  • Collection
  • Wild crafting of plant and mushroom medicines
  • Oxymels
  • Mushroom extractions

 “Learning your awareness skills was just amazing”

Dave, Bushcraft instructor