Wild Cooking

  • Prerequisite:None
  • Duration:1 Day
  • Cost:£65

In our modern world we are used to turning a dial to warm our food or to flicking on the oven to cook. When camping in the woods and wild places we rely on our modern cooking utensils to cook as we use gas stoves or put our frying pans on an open fire. Our distant ancestors did not have these amenities and so they developed techniques to enable them to do this from the resources around them.

This class is designed to demonstrate the many ways of cooking wild foods that our ancestors found in their landscape. We will enjoy moist venison, slowly cooked beneath the earth using fire heated  stones and much more. We will also cover other topics such as wild edible plants, meat preservation and the use of stone tools for butchery.

Native Awareness is a truly inspiring organisation, teaching the skills and philosophies of the native way in an accessible and exiting way

Maya, student