Bow Making

  • Prerequisite:None
  • Duration:5 days
  • Cost:£600

The simple bow is so familiar. Most cultures once used the bow and arrow to hunt for food and protect their homes. The elegance of a self bow has no rival. Walking through a wooded place carrying a bow that you have created, transports you to an ancestral time.

This class will take a seasoned log to a fully working bow. You will learn how to select and split the log, shape and tiller to produce a beautiful bow. This class is for those who want a full understanding of the principles of bow making. Therefore multiple designs will be created from different species of trees, giving the student a greater understanding. Also more advanced techniques will be demonstrated so that participants have knowledge of topics such as sinew backing, re-curves, splicing etc.

Some of the skills covered

  • Bow design and performance
  • Timber selection
  • Bow construction
  • String manufacture 
  • Sinew and other backings
  • Billet splicing
  • Re-curves
  • Bow making with green wood
  • Staining and decoration

For more information bow making, view these articles 1 & 2 writen by Native Awareness.

…”I picked up many bonus tips on Bush Crafting, through conversations with James, during the course.  James’ knowledge and skills are first rate, and I am delighted with the finished bow”…

Pete, I.T