Advanced Skills 1

Advanced Skills 1

When you thought that “surely there wasn’t anything left to learn” Advanced Skills is here! Each culture, time period and environment produces many varied and exciting challenges in Earth Living and this class not only teaches new techniques but seeks to take, the skills that are learnt on Native Skills1 and 2 to a level of mastery.

This is a jam-packed class full of lectures and workshop time; similar in approach employed in Native Skills 2, in that we try and allow you to get your hands and mind into as many subjects as humanly possible.

Some of the skills covered

  • Pottery
  • Advanced friction fire and fire lays
  • Expert Bow drill
  • Weaponry Atlatl and dart, etc
  • Advanced Cordage
  • Baskets 
  • Leather makingwet scrape buckskin 
  • Advanced adhesives (hide and birch tar)
  • Primitive lighting
  • Advanced Water
  • Etc. 

Native Awareness is a truly inspiring organisation, teaching the skills and philosophies of the native way in an accessible and exiting way

Maya, student