Native Scout

This class will teach you the ancient Apache scout skills. The ancient scouts were a secret medicine society that lived as shadows on the edge of the tribe. They were masters of speed and invisibility, the eyes and ears of the tribe, the pinnacle of survival and awareness.  They were considered the most experienced warriors, which allowed them to act as peace makers.

This is a truly exciting, fun, action packed course that is designed to introduce you to the life of a Scout. This is a very intense class, with long days of training. There will be late nights with challenging exercises and simulations that will thoroughly test and allow the student to implement what they have learnt during the day.

With the support and encouragement of team mates, students will find this course to have the most demanding sessions that we offer and certainly the most fuelled with adrenaline and excitement. Living as a team hiden on the landscape. 

Some of the skills covered

  • The art of invisibility
  • Advance stalking
  • Expert camouflage
  • Concentric rings in nature
  • The routine of invisibility
  • Stalking games
  • Traps
  • Team movement
  • Martial arts

“Native Scout was an incredible, challenging, and exciting experience!”

Nathan, performer