Primitive Camouflage

Since the dawn of time, peoples have adorned their body with earth pigments and animal skins in order to blend into the natural environment, to harvest wild animals, observe wildlife and slip unnoticed through the landscape.

This class will be filled with fun exercises to truly understand the art of camouflage and concealment. During the session we will look at all aspects of camouflage, from collecting natural earth agents to blend both skin and clothes, as well as creating customized clothing.

Some of the skills covered

  • Primitive camouflage methods
  • Clothing
  • Night time/ day time camouflage
  • Mental and spiritual concealment
  • Positive, negative space 
  • Movement, animal forms, mimicry etc

“Native awareness teaches bushcraft/earth living skills in a unique way, enabling students to take what they need from nature, move with the seasons and have the knowledge to travel light”…

Nick, Wilderness guide