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Septembers Harvest!

I find September to be such a varied and diverse time of year. One day the wind can be howling and biting through my clothes telling me that autumn is here, the next day can be warm and summer like bringing out butterflies and insects. A wonderful plant to help us study the numerous flying insects is ivy, their flowers are one of the last of the year.

Other plants that can provide us with so much excitement are the fruiting plants such as brambles, rose hips and hawthorn. There aren’t many of us who don’t remember as children taking a walk along our hedgerows to gorge on blackberry. Rosehips make a wonderful tea if steeped in warm water. Make sure to remove the seeds on the hip before steeping. As a child I often used the seeds as a homemade itching powder but that’s another story! The hips after being used as a tea become soft and are lovely as an autumn snack.

Native Awareness is a truly inspiring organisation, teaching the skills and philosophies of the native way in an accessible and exiting way

Maya, Student