Roses And Cordage In June

June is a gorgeous month as summer’s energy is definitely growing toward the longest day. I find during the long hot days a perfect place to be is next to a slow running river. The once frigid waters of winter are now warmer but also refreshing. I find to swim or even wade through a natural water course puts me directly in touch with life force energy of the Earth.

This month the hedgerows and woodland edges are full with the blossom of the many dog roses that we have in the British Isles. The young petals are a nice colourful addition to wild salads, as are the red clover flowers that can be found in our grasslands.

On waste lands, road and path sides we now find the rapidly growing Rose Bay Willow Herb, or Fire Weed as it is also known. This plant has many uses but at this time of year I like to remove its outer bark and transform it into cordage. At this point in the year you will sometimes discover that there will be a sticky juice lying between the woody stalk and the fleshy bark. It’s worth experimenting with, to see what it might be good for!

James is a humorous and enthusiastic instructor with a strong passion for his calling. 

Zoe, Musician