Privacy Policy

The only personal information collected by Native Awareness is for the purposes of, when booking a Native Awareness course or when subscribing to the Native Awareness mailing list.

Information is used for sending confirmation details for students making a booking via our website. Our mailing list requires the student to provide an email address to receive regular updates. Unsubscription is under the students complete control in respect of the mailing list.  They are sent details on how to unsubscribe when they initially subscribe.

Personal information collected will not be disclosed to a third party, except in the case of cooperating with the law to aid in identifying those persons using our services, subsequently, for illegal activities. Information may be given even without permission if it is believed an illegal activity has been conducted  as a consequence of our teachings.

Native Awareness is a truly inspiring organisation, teaching the skills and philosophies of the native way in an accessible and exiting way

Maya, student