Our weather system in December can be so varied ranging from days of rain to flashes of cold and wind that makes us retreat out of the woods and back home into our central heated houses. I always feel that these should be the reasons to get out and off into the woods! What better conditions to study tracking, the ground becomes beautifully soft to show the tracks that are left for the fluctuating weather allowing you to study the environmental effects, wind, rain, sunlight etc that change a track.
Many believe that the winter time holds very little wildlife action but there are many sights to be witnessed. The almost human scream of the vixen and the dog like bark of the male fox can often be heard in both urban and rural settings during December and January.
A fungus that can be found in the woods at this time is the Jews Ear. It can be found all year round but is very noticeable during wet weather. It generally resides on elder trees. The fungus is edible both raw and cooked. Whilst raw it resembles the texture of an elastic band, but when cooked in a survival stew it is palatable. It’s quite exciting to fry it too!

“I want to thank Native Awareness for opening a gateway to the world I really live in and how to work with it to survive”…

Greg Race course trainer