School of Primitive Survival and Earth Living Skills

Native Awareness is a school for those interested in pursuing the more primitive side of Bushcraft and Survival Skills and wanting to specialise in the Native approach to survival, tracking and awareness. We are completely dedicated to re- uniting people with the ancient ways of the ancestors. We will be teaching an array of skills from, bows and arrows to brain tan buckskin making, baskets to tracking, camouflage to stalking, flint knapping to wild edible plants.

Upcoming Courses

There are no upcoming courses at this time. Next year's schedule will be published here shortly.


The Power Of The Imagination.

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The power of the imagination is a great tool to develop, while learning the skills of survival and Earth living. I often find it takes me to a place where I can more fully understand the new skill that I am working on. I so enjoy the quiet times, to transport myself to different lands, where I imagine tracking wolves in the woods or taking a walk through tribal villages. I am not sure if these are the lands of my ancestors, places far away, or completely fictional. It doesn’t matter. I learn so much by these experiences, these imaginative wanderings.

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