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It All Starts With Native Skills 1

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Native Awareness is proud to welcome an array of folk who come from many different walks of life. We count doctors, accountants, ecologists, teachers, IT workers, gardeners, archaeologists and pilots among our students. Our classes truly are for all.

We welcome the middle aged man who has finished his job in the city and has decided to deepen his relationship with nature, or those who have lived and worked in the countryside and want to take their understanding to a higher level.

Many of our students are women, so welcome, as too often the course is perceived as macho…. which it is not!  It is also an honour to have many international students, but the great thrill is in teaching someone who wouldn’t usually go on a survival course. These folk often seem to get the most out of the class and experience the greatest transformation. Invariably they return for future sessions. So many don’t realise that they want to take one of our classes until they take one!!

What do people get out of the three days?

As many of our students return to take further classes this allows the team at Native Awareness to get to know them and see their development with the skills that we teach.  It’s interesting to observe the subtleties of change over time; from body posture and muscle structure change, to how students, after a time, walk better because they’ve been outside, living in a way they were designed for, rather than sitting at a computer ! 

The Native Skills 1 class provides the key to open doors to much more than typical bushcraft skills. It empowers the holder to glimpse a time past.  However it is through the skills that one gains a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural world. Everyone knows we need to protect the earth but many do not understand or appreciate what it is they are caring for. It is a relationship with nature that is missing in life and that is what this class provides.

Taking that first jump into nature reconnection can be daunting, even scary and that’s why Native Skills 1 provides a unique opportunity to take that first step.

The Native Awareness venues ensure a comfortable camp and enthusiastic staff who gently guide the students into the skills and consciousness of our ancestors who lived close to nature, at a slower pace, so very different to our 21st century world. The food is great and Zara’s cakes are out of this world! 

We can assure all that every class we teach contains students and volunteers with different levels of skill. Most who take Native Skills 1 have no survival skills and there are those who have not camped before! Paradoxically we have taught professional bushcraft instructors from other schools, wishing to develop their own skill set.

Our classes are truly for all!

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Published on 6th Jun 2014

Tracks And Herbs

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It’s truly amazing how five days can change someone’s perception of the world. During this class our goal is to teach the students to be able to see what was first thought to be impossible! We don’t spend too much time looking at the clear prints that are left in mud or sand. Those tracks are fascinating but we quickly progress the student on to terrain that most would think would be impossible to track an elephant across, let alone a mouse. If we can teach to track across rock and gravel, think how quickly a student will be able to interpret the tracks that are generously left in the sand and clay!

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Published on 15th May 2014

Wind, Rain And A New Years Gift.

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What unusual weather we have had to starts us off for 2014. When I romantically think of January I visualise cold frosty mornings or if lucky, six inches of snow blanketing the countryside, not the wind, rain and mild temperatures that we have been witnessing.  I’d love to believe that this current weather pattern is just a blip and not the results of global warming. For me winter is a really important part of the year where I personally have time to plan the coming year both for my own development as well as Native Awareness’ Without a cold snap I find it hard to believe that Spring will come.

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Published on 10th Jan 2014

What to look for in the woods this month: