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2014 Schedule

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We are very excited by the schedule as we are running many new classes. Due to the success of our 2013 Natural Consciousness class, we are thrilled to announce that as well as running the class again in 2014, we are also offering Natural Consciousness 2, so that we can go even deeper! Other new classes we are offering are Medicinal plants and Caretaker 1. It is a dream come true to run these classes for James as they are of particular interest to him, as deep ecology and plants were his doorway into all the other skills that we teach at Native Awareness.

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Published on 23rd Nov 2013

What a year it has been so far with many highlights and memories!

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The August Native Skills 1 and 2 back to back classes, was definitely a time to remember. It’s great spending 10 days in the woods working on survival, awareness and earth living skills. So much is achieved and the students’ skills increase dramatically during the week.  A memorable time on the Native Skills 2 that will stay with me for a long time, was a breath taking light display. We were all gifted in seeing an amazing sunset through the trees that produced beams of light that were filled with multiple colours. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. The spectacle lasted for about an hour. One of the participants, James took this wonderful picture, but in truth, it doesn’t do natures visual display justice!

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Published on 22nd Aug 2013

Even More Ways To Find Out What We Are Doing!

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It always makes us smile that Native Awareness, who are a school dedicated to preserving the ancient primitive survival and Earth living skills of our ancestors, has to also keep to date with the modern world of social media. Of course we are delighted to do this, so that even more people can realise the importance of the skills that we teach and how nourishing they are to the soul for those who are learning them.

Our latest move into the modern world is by creating a Twitter account and Facebook page.  We hope to use these differently to the website by sharing with you the day to day occurrences at Native Awareness and the skills, the instructors and students are working on.  You can find our Facebook page by searching for Native Awareness and go to @NativeAwareness on twitter. Please feel free to recommend these pages on to your friends as we would really appreciate your support by spreading the word about us.

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Published on 13th Mar 2013

What to look for in the woods this month: