Wind, Rain And A New Years Gift.

10th Jan 2014

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What unusual weather we have had to starts us off for 2014. When I romantically think of January I visualise cold frosty mornings or if lucky, six inches of snow blanketing the countryside, not the wind, rain and mild temperatures that we have been witnessing.  I'd love to believe that this current weather pattern is just a blip and not the results of global warming. For me winter is a really important part of the year where I personally have time to plan the coming year both for my own development as well as Native Awareness' Without a cold snap I find it hard to believe that Spring will come.

Talking of spring!  I would like to take this opportunity to introduce a class that we will be running at the beginning of May.  Our Medicinal Plants class is run at our venue, Ravenshill wood. Ravenshill, is a wooded nature reserve which fortunately is managed in a sustainable way through coppicing. The rotation of the coppice allows many diverse specie to thrive, due to the varying light levels that are created. The reserve is abundant with small mammals, butterflies and amphibians, but it also has an array of wild flowers, which makes it a perfect setting to run the class!

I'm also delighted to announce that on this class we will be joined by Laura Carpenter. Laura and her husband Dan have been involved with Native Awareness for many years. Laura is a practicing Medical Herbalist in Wales. Her interest not only lies in scientific research; she is also very much interested in the neurological effects of plants and has a passion concerning our wild British herbs. We are so very much looking forward to running this class in the vibrancy of spring time and would like to offer a 10% reduction as a New Year's Gift, if we receive your application form and deposit by the 3rd of February. We suggest that you don't delay as we predict this class is going to be very popular!!

Native Awareness has got lots of plans and projects unfolding which we will be announcing in the next few weeks. We hope you are still enjoying the videos that we are posting on Youtube and please don't forget to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for our day, today news! 



What to look for in the woods this month: