The Power Of The Imagination.

13th Feb 2017

illustrative image

The power of the imagination is a great tool to develop, while learning the skills of survival and Earth living. I often find it takes me to a place where I can more fully understand the new skill that I am working on. I so enjoy the quiet times, to transport myself to different lands, where I imagine tracking wolves in the woods or taking a walk through tribal villages. I am not sure if these are the lands of my ancestors, places far away, or completely fictional. It doesn't matter. I learn so much by these experiences, these imaginative wanderings.

Whilst falling asleep, I like to visit a village that is familiar to me. In my imagination, I walk barefoot along the earthen paths, taking in the sights of fires burning, shelters being constructed from the woods around the camp and animal hides being strung up in frames. I am often drawn to the sound of flakes of stone being knapped or the gentle rhythm of a deer hide being softened. These sounds are always embraced by the gentle laughter of children and the camp-building songs of the women and old folk.

Using the vehicle of my imagination, I often take along a question about a skill or craft that I am having trouble with, which may be bow-making, baskets, tracking,etc. Many times, when I set out with the intention of trying to better understand a skill, I am often provided with the answer whilst in the camp or when I wake up in the morning. I find this form of learning fascinating. It means that you can be studying survival skills continuously, not just at weekends. There is absolutely no space for boredom in life. When I am in a queue at the bank or in a traffic jam, I can take a few flakes of flint off an arrowhead or stalk in the river for fish. 

What to look for in the woods this month: