Special Announcement.  A Native Gift!

9th Jul 2009

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Due to the global financial instability that prevails, we are to run a free class for our committed students. It pains us to think such vital education is being sacrificed due to matters that are beyond our control. Time and time again we receive comments from folk who are struggling to make ends meet and who otherwise, would have joined us in the woods, to learn more of the ways of the Earth.

We at Native Awareness are so very committed to the passing on and preservation of the ancient wisdom and skills we feel this will help!

The Native Gift class 13-15 November,will be free of tuition fees! It will be run slightly differently to other Native Awareness courses. The teaching time will be over two days and will be self catering. This is to keep the costs down. We will only be charging a modest amount for camping and insurance, that we believe that all can afford. Unfortunately our financial aid will not apply to this course as it does with others, as your payment will go directly to covering the cost of the venue etc.   

The course content will be diverse to say the least as they will be subjects that the instructors have been eager to teach, we will not be re teaching skills that you have had in the standard Native Awareness courses but are going to be sharing advanced skills and teachings.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


What to look for in the woods this month: