New Website And Natural Mystery Quiz

1st May 2009

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Welcome to the new Native Awareness website. We are delighted with our new site and would like to give great thanks to student and friend Emily Heath and her partner, North, from Whitespace Design for creating it for us. We hope you enjoy navigating around it. There are now many more exciting pages to view.

I would like to mention a few new changes on our site. We now have things for you to get involved in. Each month we will have an item called Natural Mysteries.  This will be a fun way to develop and test your eye as a tracker. We will display a photograph for you to interpret. This could be of a partial track, a feather, leaf etc.  We will also be producing a monthly page called, What To Look Out For In The Woods. I know personally that when I started studying survival skills I would kick myself when, a month later, I realised that I'd missed the window of time when I could have harvested a resource or seen a natural mystery. We are hoping that this section will help keep you on track!

The next few years are going to be extremely exciting at Native Awareness. We intend to develop the school in numerous ways, to encourage people to find their way back to wilderness. There are great plans afoot! We will be writing a regular blog to keep you informed with the direction and news of Native Awareness.

We look forward to spending time with you around the camp fire.


Natural Mystery Quiz

This photograph was taken in March. The hole is approximately 15cm wide.

What created the hole and what lies within it?

Please send in your answers. Contact

What to look for in the woods this month: