It All Starts With Native Skills 1

6th Jun 2014

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Native Skills 1

The next class is, 25-27 July. 

Prerequisite: None

Duration: 3 days 

Cost: £200

This class teaches the fundamentals of survival; shelter, water, fire and food. It is designed to be the first track towards becoming a Native. Not only will this class teach the physical skills of survival but will introduce too, the worlds of Awareness. The session will be a mixture of lectures and hands on skills. It is also seen as an introduction to the principles and teaching of Native Awareness and is the prerequisite to most of the other courses. Very popular with the instructors due to the pleasure in seeing people rediscover these ancient skills for the first time, such as making fire without modern means or discovering the uses of common plants, that are so readily available. We encourage full participation with all activities.

Some of the skills covered

Friction fire making
Primitive hunting
Cordage (string making)
Silent movement
Wild edible and medicinal plants
Introduction to flint Knapping

To view the gallery, please click on the link. NATIVE SKILLS 1


What to look for in the woods this month: