Wild Foods, Fire Day And More!

13th Jan 2011

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We officially commence mainstream classes this year with Native Gift. In March we will be teaching one of our most anticipated classes. Native gift is as the title suggests, a Gift for those students who have taken Native Skills 1 and above. We very much appreciate the support of our students and so we only charge a minimum cost for this class; it also provides us with the opportunity to meet up with old friends from previous years and share skills. We whole heartedly encourage you to come and bring with you skills that you might be working on for others to see as well as to offer advice.
In May we are running two intensive classes as a back to back - a Fire day and Wild Food day. These two intensive classes are wonderful ways to introduce those who have yet to take a class with us, as well as friends and family of present Native Awareness students. It is also a great way to brush up on your knowledge if you need a little more practice with friction fire making. These classes stand alone but if you would like to take both, please feel free to camp on site. The classes will conclude at about 4pm on the first day so students will be asked to bring their own provisions for their evening meal and breakfast, lunch is of course provided.

At present I am re-arranging Native Skills 2 so that we can include even more crafts and information within it. If you have taken this class in previous years please feel free to come along as a volunteer and see the new ways we are going to be teaching these inspiring skills.

Native Skills 3 will be ran for the first time this year. I'm really excited about revealing the many secrets of making and using primitive tools. And for those who remember the fire making challenge in Native Skills 2... well in this class you will be privy to learning how to master and complete the challenge within minutes. During January and February a few more classes will be announced so please keep referring to our 2011 schedule.


What to look for in the woods this month: