Exciting Courses!

29th Sep 2011

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Great anticipation is now present within the Native Awareness team due to the Native Skills 3 class that is to be run in October. We have the pleasure of John Lord's company as he will be passing on his experience with stone and other primitive tools on the class. For those who are not familiar with John, we believe he is the most respected flint knapper in the UK and James has known him for many years as John has helped him understand the art of knapping. In fact it was John who helped put Native Awareness on the internet by designing the first website. Each meeting with him and his wife Val brings many fascinating insights into our European prehistoric ancestors and how we can use their skills today.

James is very excited about teaching many new skills on Native Skills 3. As he states, from the first class you take with Native Awareness our vision is to enable people to walk out into the woods unaided and have the confidence to find resources and make tools directly from the natural world, allowing one to feel at home where ever they might be. Native Skills 3 is a hugely positive jump towards that.
It won't be long now until the 2012 schedule is published. We are presently working on the scheduling of the more unique classes. The usual main stream courses will be run as well as some of the more specialist. We will be running our first Native Skills 1 of next year in the late March or early April and are hoping to be teaching Native Gift in the spring as a thank you to you for your support for this year.

We have had many enquires about the Earth Living Programme and yes, as promised, we are running it in 2012. As for the main stream schedule we are also working a few dates out for the year programme. If you are interested in taking this class please contact us. We are in the fortunate position of having a list of students who want to take the class already so please let us know as we only have a certain amount of spaces available.

What to look for in the woods this month: