Even More Ways To Find Out What We Are Doing!

13th Mar 2013

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It always makes us smile that Native Awareness, who are a school dedicated to preserving the ancient primitive survival and Earth living skills of our ancestors, has to also keep to date with the modern world of social media. Of course we are delighted to do this, so that even more people can realise the importance of the skills that we teach and how nourishing they are to the soul for those who are learning them.

Our latest move into the modern world is by creating a Twitter account and Facebook page.  We hope to use these differently to the website by sharing with you the day to day occurrences at Native Awareness and the skills, the instructors and students are working on.  You can find our Facebook page by searching for Native Awareness and go to @NativeAwareness on twitter. Please feel free to recommend these pages on to your friends as we would really appreciate your support by spreading the word about us.

Keep tuned, for our Youtube channel. We are presently working on filming and editing a film titled, "A Year With Native Awareness". We are just waiting to film a couple of the last classes of our 2012-2013 Earth Living Programme. There are exciting times ahead for the programme, as they are near completion and have their survival immersion ahead of them...  Four days in the woods, surviving only using the primitive tools that they have made and the knowledge that they have learnt. If you are interested in taking our 2013-2014 ELP, please let us know as it starts in April, a great way to immerse yourself in the skills and Nature. 

Be great to see you all in the woods this year, I think it's going to be busy! We are planning 2014 already! 



What to look for in the woods this month: