Countryfile Magazine

15th Jun 2011

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Last spring Native Awareness was asked to participate in a feature written by The BBC Country File Magazine. For the day we were joined by presenter Jules Hudson and photographer Rob Scott. We spent it giving them both a flavour of the skills that we teach at Native Awareness as well as discuss ideas about prehistoric Britain.
It was an enjoyable time even despite the frigid temperature. The day before the interview we went up to the Elmley Castle estate to set up camp. The hill was beautifully still and really quite warm for February. The next morning we had a northerly wind that blew the warmth out of us all. I tell you all this to apologies for how silly I look in my hat. It was so needed, but no one told me of the jaunty angle I was wearing it at! All jokes a side, it was great to meet Jules and Rob, they seemed to grasp what Native Awareness is about.
If you missed out on getting a copy of the article, you can read it on line on our articles page,

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