15th Oct 2009

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Sorry for the gap between news announcements but this summer has been absolutely jam packed for Native Awareness. We spent the school summer holidays teaching youngsters which covered many skills, from primitive camouflage, to creating a giant bow drill set! (see photo) It has been great seeing children returning to the woods to learn many of their ancestor's survival skills.

The tanning class was also quite an adventure. When it was planned we dreamt of beautiful sunshine with a gentle breeze, ideal for softening deer hides. When the class arrived we faced the worst tanning conditions, torrential rain. We actually had to postpone the class for half a day as lightning struck our camp, twice, one strike hitting only 40 feet from a student! It was a hair raising experience! We ploughed on and managed to get the hides softened with the aid of a wood burner in a spacious yurt.

A few weeks ago we ran Native Skills 1 and 2, back to back. I have to say that I feel deeply honoured to have helped create these classes, they were our finest to date! The level of community created and peoples growth, with their individual relationship with Nature, was staggering. The two classes also conveyed to us that Native Awareness students are ready for us to run more advanced classes.
One of our main discoveries was our students interest in us running a class of one year duration. Within the next couple of months the new schedule will be announced including the year course description. I'm presently writing the course and planning many exciting topics but would love to hear from you on what you would like to see in a year's worth of training.

For those graduates of Native Skills 1 and above, there are still a handful of places left on the Native Gift class in November. If you are intending to come to this class please will you reserve your place as soon as possible. We see this occasion as a gift to our committed students, therefore we have not asked for course fees, but only a small charge that covers costs. It's going to be quite a session! Leave the pegs at home!

Looking forward to being in the woods with you all once more,


What to look for in the woods this month: