2014 Schedule

23rd Nov 2013

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We at Native Awareness are delighted to announce that our 2014 schedule has now been published. At present this is the skeleton outline and over the next few weeks we will be adding new classes to it. Please keep referring back to the schedule to see new additions. 

We are very excited by the schedule as we are running many new classes. Due to the success of our 2013 Natural Consciousness class, we are thrilled to announce that as well as running the class again in 2014, we are also offering Natural Consciousness 2, so that we can go even deeper! Other new classes we are offering are Medicinal plants and Caretaker 1. It is a dream come true to run these classes for James as they are of particular interest to him, as deep ecology and plants were his doorway into all the other skills that we teach at Native Awareness. 

We are of course offering our staple classes such as Native Skills 1 and 2, Tracking, Native Scout etc We are also working on a new programme that will start later in the year, which will be focusing on a group project and field trip. I don't want to give too much away, but we are ironing out a few points and when we have, you will be the first to hear about this exciting programme!  

We now have a YouTube channel available. Please feel free to subscribe to it and see the new videos that we are at present editing You can find us by clicking on this link YOUTUBE. We are working on one entitled,  'A year with Native Awareness' which will be a collection of images and film of a year of skills! It's quite a task looking through all the footage and  we have decided to post a few shorter videos of our year before hand.  

Looking forward to seeing you around the camp fire.

Native Awareness

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