Tom Brown Jr. Tracker School 

The teachings of Grandfather Stalking Wolf and Tom Brown Jr. are a great inspiration to Native Awareness 

The P.A.S.T Skills School

Bill McConnell teaches with great passion and charm, being extremely expert in the skills of wilderness Philosophy, Awareness, primitive Survival and aboriginal Tracking.

John and Val Lord

Their skills in flint knapping and other primitive technologies are truly inspiring. A one day, one to one session of knapping amounts to many months of trial and error of knapping from a book. Not only do they have the skill but they have also a wealth of knowledge concerning the archaeology.

Barry Scotts Knives

We have never found a more talented maker of knives. Barrys attention to detail is second to none and  he only makes a handful of knives each year of designs of which he approves. If you are lucky enough to have him make you a knife, you will have not only a work of art but a tough performing tool, designed perfectly for its intended task.

Natural cordage