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Scout Warrior

This course focuses on the protection role of the Scout. The Native American  Scouts were such highly trained, respected and feared warriors that they often did not need to fight and could simply act as peacemakers. The skills of the warrior are not wholly the martial techniques of combat but also that of awareness.

These Scout skills have a relevance today, as they develop an inner confidence, which radiates from within, making the person, healthy, confidant and reliable. A warrior for today's world.

Native Awareness will introduce specialist visiting instructors to the class and the martial skills will be mixed. Different traditions will provide an array of techniques, that will deal with varying situations.

Some of the skills covered

  • Empty Hand/ Weapon Training.
  • Overcoming Fears.
  • Self/Group  Protection.
  • Escape and Evasion.
  • Body Conditioning.
  • Situation Avoidance.
  • Camouflage.                                
  • Scout Awareness.
  • Night Training.
  • Group Movement.

Course dates

  • There are no dates scheduled for this course at the moment. Why not check out the schedule to see what other courses are coming up?