Native Gift

This is a dynamic class as the content will change each time it's taught because the Native Awareness team will be teaching skills that are passionate to them at that moment in time. This course will also provide them the opportunity to pass on many of the more advanced skills that they find particularly exciting and are willing to share. We see this class as a gift to those who are dedicated to learning and preserving the ancient skills.

There will be no tuition fee!

The charge for the course therefore will simply cover the expense of the camping fee, insurance etc and to further keep the cost to students to a minimum the class is self catering, so those attending will have to provide a means of cooking their own meals. Students can arrive on the Friday and classes are taught during the following two days. We depart on the Sunday afternoon.

Be prepared for a rollercoaster ride of information as we intend to convey an array of skills, topics and Native teachings. Of course as is the custom, we will provide the high standards that Native Awareness students are accustomed too.  There will be many surprises too along the way!

Some of the skills covered