Writing the How To column for The Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine has provided the perfect opportunity to share many of the skills that we teach on our classes at Native Awareness. The articles demonstrate the array of skills that we cover, from tanning hides to making medicinal salves, from creating glues to building bows.    

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Recent Articles

Country File Magazine

Country File Magazine, March 2011 

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When Jules Hudson from the Country File Magazine came to spend a day with Native Awareness. (Photographs by Rob Scott) 

No Space For Boredom

Published in Bushcraft Magazine, Issue 19, March 2009

I was a vegetarian for many years and the meat that finally broke me, was jerky! When I put this most primal of meats into my mouth, I am suddenly in that camp helping rack the thinly sliced pieces of deer meat, for drying. I love jerky. I often have it in my pack. When in the towns and cities and the hustle and bustle of the modern world gets to me, I chew on a piece and I am back in my woods, barefoot, with the sun warming my face.

Bows: Part Two

Published in Bushcraft Magazine, Issue 14, April 2008

I start this, the second part of 'How To', by discussing a subject I'm reluctant to talk about, snapped bows. It happens to us all. I don't want to jinx your bow-making adventures but, believe me, it will one day happen to you! It's something every bow-maker needs to go through, a kind of rite of passage. You may not realise it at the time, whilst holding your broken, beloved stick, the one you have spent hours carving and sanding, but it will teach you many things about the spirit of wood and, particularly, about yourself!

You are what you think! Bows: Part 1

Published in Bushcraft Magazine, Issue 12, December 2007

Before we start this 'How To', I must remove myself from any responsibility for the breakdown in your relationship with partners, family members and friends. Be warned; bow-making can become highly addictive and after your first, you will not be content! New designs and species of tree will fill your mind and you will find yourself heading down to the garden shed more often than into the house! I must confess to being an addict. I sometimes have to go into rehab and work on other skills such as tanning, tracking, fire-making etc. Fortunately, I'm addicted to these skills too! I have a teacher who says, You are what you think!"

Careful, you’ll have someone’s eye out - King Harold II 1066

Published in Bushcraft Magazine, Issue 11, October 2007

An arrowhead is a universal symbol. People seem to instinctively know what it is. Previous issues have covered the production of a flint arrow head. This 'How To' article explains how to make the rest of the arrow from totally natural materials, as well as showing how to fix and secure the arrowhead.

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