About the School

There was once a time when we moved slower, a time when we observed the rhythms and flow of nature. Native Awareness is the skills of all our ancestors, the ancient peoples of the Earth. The Native Awareness School wishes to reunite people with their birth right, to relearn to listen to the forgotten language of the Earth and to develop a new relationship with Nature.

Understanding the ancient skills of survival provides us with confidence in Nature. Moving from a situation that may seem overwhelming, to an opportunity to return to the comforts of the natural world. Constructing shelters that blend into the landscape, learning to collect and purify water, mastering the gift of fire by friction and developing the ability to harvest wild plants and animals, with great respect and honour, are all skills necessary for survival. Native Awareness teaches how to develop and move beyond these skills to what we call Earth Living, being bountiful in nature, letting the Earth provide for all our needs.

Spending time as our hunter gatherer ancestors, moving silently through the forest or gathered around the fires, shifts our physical awareness. Native Awareness is for those who wish to connect deeply to the natural world and to view the world through Native eyes.

Native Awareness teaches from a wide experience and from the school's inspiration, the aboridginal (existing in a land from the earliest of times) peoples of the Earth. 

About the Logo

The logo is of a wren, a special bird in the folklore and mythology of ancient Europe. The wren is a highly aware, bright being, a watcher of the woods. The circles radiating from the wren symbolise the concentric rings of nature.

Stalking the woods